Since 2005

an award winning animation studio



here are some of our past works in animation in 2d, 3d and virtual reality. we have successfully delivered many of our works to our clients and continuing. catapult is working towards creating its intellectual properties for its direct consumer market.
  1. coffee cops
    coffee cops - animaction challenge winner 2013
  2. 2d animation
  3. signoos - tv series
  4. explanatory video
  5. motion graphics
  6. advertisements
  7. Work for hire
  8. motion capture
  9. Signoos
  10. CNY
catapult has delivered plenty of animation works irrespective of the industry. we work according to the client specification and their likings. 

most importantly we work with a passion and advice our clients what would be or could be the best for them.

our clients includes advertising agencies, ngo's, engineering, manufacturing, construction, architecture, education, etc
believe in the best
forget the rest